Mission – provide music education, teacher training, instruments and performance opportunities for in-need kids and seniors … the ukulele way! We also recognize music as healing and provide programs for therapeutic music.

Our mission includes presenting  joyous vocal and instrumental ukulele performances, healing concerts and workshops for under-served populations.

Schools -Music Literacy … the Ukulele Way

  • Train teachers to teach uke
  • Mentor School Uke Programs
  • Provide Instruments for in-need or motivated schools
  • Offer workshops and private lessons

Community Outreach -

Senior Centers – learning the basics for playing the uke does not take a long time, the music is up-beat. Use uke to lift spirits, add a little joy to lives, provide a sense of accomplishment and improve self esteem.

Mentors – Engage seniors who play uke to be mentors for both the school program, senior centers and healing music performance

Programs/Events – Provide entertainment at retirement homes.  Entertainment will be hosted from the kid’s programs and/or local uke clubs and individual volunteer musicians.

Why ?

What are some of the main challenges kids face today? Drugs, getting in gangs, low self-esteem.  Why? Boredom, lack of supervision (latch key kids), low social skills, lack of community. What’s available for the non-sports minded kids? Not much.

Schools – Funding for the arts has been drastically reduced. Schools are geared toward test taking and most money goes to sports. It has been proven that when it comes to young minds, art enriches them, expands them, and prepares them for life in useful and unexpected ways.

Children who participate in music and arts programs often do better in other subjects than children who do not, and troubled students engaged in arts and music programs have better attendance and increased cooperation with teachers and other students. Even though this is a known fact to educators, current school music programs do not have an on-going course of study that facilitates extensive music theory education for every student

The Ukulele Answer

The ukulele is a great instrument on which to base a music program because…

  • The uke is already kid-size, so it can be used early-on in the elementary schools
  • It is fully chromatic & facilitates long-term advancement & challenge
  • It is inexpensive
  • It allows the player to sing while playing
  • It is a social instrument, can play in ensembles
  • Mentoring provided for students and teachers
  • There is a well-tested course of study available
  • IT’S FUN!